The new drama Mohabbat tujhe Alvida starring Zahid Ahmed, Sonya Hussyn and Mansha Pasha has become very popular and everyone is interested in the storyline. However people believe that the plot is same as the Bollywood film Judaai of Anil Kapoor and Sridevi.

The first episode of the drama tells us how Sonya Hussyn, Ulfat wants to be rich and lives in her dream world whereas Zahid Ahmed, Shahan is a jolly and a caring husband. They both have a son and belong to a middle class family. Shah an encounters with her new boss Mansha Pasha, Shafaq who belong to an upper class family and is very strict. People comment that the first look of the drama is very much similar to Judaai as Zahid is playing role of “Anil Kapoor” Sonya is playing Sridevi’s character and Mansha Pasha in Urmila’s character. However we cannot judge from the very first episode. Tell us how do you like the drama and what do you think of the performance?