Nasir with his family comes to pick Nirma from her home. They discuss the issues and then Nirma says she would not go with Nasir without the Haq Mehar .Nasir promises to give that to Nirma within a week if she goes back home with him. The amount for her Haq Mehar is large and it’s evident that Nasir will not be able to pull through – and definitely not within a week. Nirma continues with her evil behavior in order to get a new washing machine, she cuts up her own and her mother-in-law’s clothes with a pair of scissors and pretends the washing machine is responsible for the damage.

This drama is full of action and drama.  The cast is amazing and their acting is fabulous.  While the characters all continue to make excuses for Nirma’s behavior and, even viewers can excuse her behavior as childish and misguided, her actions will take a heavy turn in the following episode.  Nirma will accuse Nasir of domestic abuse after he is unable to pay the Haq Mehar amount, turning the lives of both families upside down.