Khaadi has never been far away in the race for making ethnic clothing that is not only beautiful in terms of its floral and glorious prints but has the best color palates and premium quality. It presents a combination of design and texture that reflects the warmth you desire this winter. Khaadi is one of the the brands that gives every season beautiful and unique impressions.

Khaadi is again at the forefront of design with its promising winter gaze indexes and Khaadi Khaddar / Linen / Viscose / pashmina unstiched fabrics with reasonable and affordable price ranges between Rs 2400 – Rs 7000 price range. This collection is a hit hit presenting the perfection marriage of beautiful textured hues and glorious colors.

what specifically is dominant in this winter collection is the use of everyones winter favorite color black to create incredible looking dresses that exude ethnic class.

The dresses color palettes are totally natural, refreshing and extravagant looking with unique combinations of reds, blues, greys, blacks and greens. All dresses can be easily worn by women of all ages. These apparels are of stylish and trendy patterns along with alluring styles which include fulfilling, geometrical, doted, floral, botanic and circular patterns.  The collection is wonderfully artistic and extremely affordable.