Khas volume IV collection is a true example of modern in sync with our cultural and traditional heritage. The collection has a vintage feel along with a contemporary touch by combining geometric silhouettes, ethnic themes and classic patterns. Overall the collection seems inspired and rather timeless in nature. Collection offers a wide range of prints, designs and textures from its creatively bold cuts to the antiquated traditional motifs, the range is a classic infusion of how every women wishes to be like. Bold yet feminine. Traditional yet enduringly classic.

The color palette for the dresses ranges from corals to sea greens and lush vibrant colors that emphasize the feminine element keeping the cultural aspect in mind. The cloth texture feels luxurious yet extremely comfortable for everyday wear. The collection is perfectly ideal for all kinds of gatherings from appearing great at work to looking beautiful in family gathering.

Their antique yet enticing looking furniture is a treat to the eye. In their bedding range they have digital, plain coloured and embroidered ones.