Nabeel Qureshi’s Load wedding starring Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish hayat has turned out to be a movie that not just entertains but also provides an amazing message to its audience. The movie begins with the highly engaging character of Raja who lives with his father and supports his sister baby baji. As suspected Raja falls in love with meera but the story takes a sudden twist when Raja’s father dies and Raja is enlisted withthe responsibility of marrying his sister. Meeras steps in his life turn out to be revolutionary for the hero as the superhit song of the movie ‘good luck’ suggests. The real twist of the story lies where Raja and meera are faced with the dilemma that revolves around social stigma such as the dowry.

The story encompasses not just the dowry aspect of a marriage which is frowned upon, it covers various aspects relating to  subjugation of women and her family when it comes to marriage in our society. Load wedding very cleverly took a topic that in our society is considered to be highly controversial and problematic and turns it into a comedy that ends with a beautiful message, making the overall movie highly Effective both in terms of it being heart felt and entertaining.

Unlike most Pakistani movies that have hit the cinema this year, the movie gives out a very strong message and it is something tbat should be highly appreciated. When it comes to Fahad Mustafa and Mehwish hayat’s acting and doing justice to their characters, they both have done a splendid job and have represented the Punjabi culture in the most glorious of its form. Mehwish hayat in one of her interviews did share that initially she was hesitant to take up the role of Meera. Regarding Meeras character’s core desi Punjabi aspect, she felt she might not be able to do justice to that but the way she pulled it off is something highly commendable.

The movie is made on a very low budget and is shot in a rural and domesticated yet highly inclusive village environment of Pakistan which was perfectly suited to the plot of the story though it did reduce the glamour aspect of the movie but it makes it seem more realistic and relatable which is definitely a worthy trade-off.

Plot 7/10
Acting and dialogues 8/10
Cinematography 8/10