When you know that the wedding season is around the corner you start venturing into the world of makeup and then you realize that there is an abundance of makeup products. However here are some products that are essential and every woman should have them in their bags.

1 – Primer

If you want your makeup to stay a for a long time than primer is a must. It truly does wonders it will make your skin smooth and make up application will be done perfectly. Maybelline Master Primer is the most suitable option for wedding season.

2 – Concealer

NARS CONCEALER ACCORDING TO YOUR SKIN TONE! If you want to cover your dark circles and redness then concealer is a must. Apply concealer after you’re done with the application of foundation. This will help you create the perfect wedding look.

3 – Nude Eyeshadow Pallete

A nude eyeshadow palette is required to create the trendy look as it consists of all the colors you’ll need to create a perfect natural makeup look. It is incredibly versatile and can never go out of style. The Nudes Maybelline Palette

4 – Brushes Set

Beautify by Amna! How your look turns out to be depends on the makeup brushes used. These will come in handy for foundation application, concealing, contouring, and buffing.

5 – Setting Spray

Nyx Matte Finish! After you are done with your makeup and your done applying expensive products on your face. Now it’s finally time to make sure that they are set and fixed.

6 – Makeup Removing Wipes

As we all know that applying makeup is very important but removing before going to sleep is also very important. Some makeup to moving wife should be in your bag all the time!