1. Apply moisturizer before foundation

You can skip this step if you have extra oily skin but this step is essential in order to keep the skin moisturized and nourished throughout the day

2. Use an eye shadow opposite from your eye color

Opposites attract. And yes that is definitely the case when it comes to choosing eye shadow. Go for a black/brown eye shadow if you have green/blue/grey eyes. It will accentuate them more whereas if you have brown eyes then go for blue or green eye shadow colors to make them pop.

3. Give your lashes more volume with a touch of powder

Who doesn’t adore long luscious lashes? Just apply your mascara and dab some powder on an ear bud. Then pat it onto your lashes for giant voluminous eye lashes

4. Use white eye pencil over and inside the inner corner of your eyes

If you struggle to make your eyes look larger and more prominent then use a white eye pencil and draw a fine line on your eye lids. This will make your eyes appear brighter and bigger. To add a popping look you can use the white eye pencil on the corner of your eyes.

5. Use a lip scrub before lipstick for a smoother lip application

Apply a lip scrub (make it easily at home using honey and crushed sugar) on your lips and help remove the cracks and dryness from your lips for a smoother application to get that perfect matte lipstick look.

6. Always keep eyebrows looking as natural as possible

Women who over draw on their brows not only look terrible but tend to look much older than their age; For a youthful and more natural feel try your level best to keep your brows looking as natural as possible. Trust me. It is better that way!

7. Apply concealer to the outer corners of your lips to give your lips a lift

If you desire pouty luscious lips but don’t believe in those lip fillers or lip enhancers then try this makeup trick apply concealer on the top and the sides to enhance your lips. You can also use highlighter instead of a concealer.