Malam Jabba Ski Resort is proud to announce the second International Snowboarding Championship showcasing an exciting display of competitive winter sports from foreign athletes from Europe and Afghanistan as well 80+ local athletes from Gilgit, Swat, Chitral, Hunza and Malam Jabba. The one-of-its-kind event in Pakistan is all set to take place from the 19 th January 2020 to 23 rd January 2020.

Organized in collaboration with PC Hotel Malam Jabba & Malam Jabba Ski Resort, the championship will hold 4 games of Parallel Giant Slalom and Giant Slalom for male and female participants. The winners will be rewarded with certificates & prize money as an acknowledgment of
their efforts. To further add to the festivities, the event will feature scrumptious food stalls, kids play area, winter sports activities, adventurous rides and much more. Pakistan’s top food outlets; Tuscany courtyard, Gloria Jeans, Street 1 Café, Taos, Arif Chatkhara, Zee grill, Cannoli, Haj
Nehari, Yousaf Pathoray, OPTP, Shinwari karahi, Sindhi Biyani, Khokha Khola, and a lot of more local cuisines will be putting up stalls at the ski resort for tourists and athletes.

Indeed, the International Snowboarding Championship is organized with the aim to promote winter sports in the country as well as projecting the softer image of Pakistan. With the presence of foreign athletes in an international championship hosted in the country, a positive message will be sent across the globe that Pakistan is safe for tourism of all kinds. In addition to this, the participation of local athletes & attendance from domestic tourists will help promote winter sports in the country and provide a healthy outlet to the youth. Locals from Pakistan are highly encouraged to register.

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Event Schedule:

Day 1: 19th Jan 2021

Warming up of teams and practice

Day 2: 20th Jan 2021

Practice runs on the slope

Day 3: 21st Jan 2021

Competitions (Male)

Day 4: 22nd Jan 2021

Competitions (Female) 

Food festival at ground and ski shop roof top 

Day 5: 23rd Jan 2021

Closing ceremony 

Food festival