Fahad Mustafa’s enthralling performance in Na Maloom Afraad featuring Urwa Hocane and Actor in Law alongside Mehwish Hayaat were lauded by all the Pakistani movie lovers! We have our eyes on the sequel NMA 2.

Fahad Mustafa’s character in ‘Actor in Law’ is an up and coming lawyer who loves to blend over-the-top theatrics into his serious career .If the rumour mills are right we may see him in the Jewani Phir Nahe Ani 2.

Fahad Mustafa’s life motto ensures that he does not succumb to the curse of mediocrity. The actor has made a living out of experimentation and versatility by juggling various roles and proving his multi-faceted persona time and again.

He has gone from being a television actor to a morning host and game show personality to becoming a film actor, all within the span of a few months.He hosts the biggest game show in the history of Pakistan. He has given the maximum number of hit TV dramas for an actor his age. And now he has made a successful film debut through Nabeel Qureshi’s Na Maloom Afraad to his much talked about performance in Mah-e-mir, which was shown to jam packed cinema houses in metropolitan of the country. Known more for his exploits on television as a versatile actor, Fahad believes that working in a film was always on the cards; he was just waiting for the right time.

With his, classic attire and down-to-earth personality, Fahad is one of the most dapper gentlemen in the Pakistani television industry. The actor kick-started his career back in the early 2000s and won our hearts as the dashing boy-next-door .Ever since then he has wowed us with his performance in some of the most popular TV series.

He is an entrepreneur, an advertiser and enjoys travelling. Alpha male looks and a buff body makes him as one of the most inspiring actors of the industry, we really love is how he has effortlessly shed his boyish persona and settled suavely into his 40s. Some things just get better with age and Fahad is one of them.