Teefa in trouble is about to release and Maya Ali and Ali Zafar’s sizzling chemistry can already be seen through their photographs. They make a wonderful pair don’t you think?

According to the cast and crew of the movie, Teefa’s character is of a macho carefree boy from Lahore’s ‘Androon shehr’ who goes abroad (Poland) on a secret mission where he meets his love interest Maya Ali who according to sources is ‘much more than just a simple love interest’. According to the director of stunts and special effects in the movie, Krzysztof Seremak, Maya Ali has done a lot of stunts herself and earned the title ‘the queen of reckless driving’.

Right now we are just falling in love with how good the couple looks together!

Ali Zafar remarked that in this debut of Maya Ali she has proven herself to be capable of far more than her audience expects of her. Maya Ali has been given a whole new look of a stunning agent/spy whereas Ali Zafar has worked on his super six pack abs just for this movie. We simply cannot wait for the release!