Miss Meera did it again! Meera khan had been stuck in a 7 year long case trying to prove that she isn’t married to a Faisalabad-based business man named Ateeq-ur-Rehman. He claimed he got married to her in a private ceremony. Meera on the other hand has been married to Captian Safdar, How complicated … right?

“This case has no legal position as it is completely based on forged documents such as the Nikkah nama presented,” Meera said. Ateeq-ur-rehman had constantly been filing petitions against Meera and asked to conduct her medical examinations and that she be restrained from going abroad.

Ateeq-ur-Rehman won his case against Meera and here the problems begin. Ateeq-ur-rehamn had named property (a house) worth around 3 crore in Meera’s name, he also filed a suit against her for repossession of his house furthermore he is going to file a ‘Nikkah Pay Nikkah’ suit against her which according to sharia has a punishment of 100 lashes and according to the law she can further be charged for an adultery lawsuit.

Meera is truly in trouble this time. How will she get out of these valid lawsuits against her?