It is Mehru’s marriage night and her in laws are doing the rituals. Noman’s chachi manipulates Noman and corrupts his mind by talking about Mehru’s lovers. Noman is now furious and embarrassed and he chooses to divorce Mehru. Now Mehru is shattered into pieces. Noman put questions on Mehru’s character and complains about his lovers. On the other hand Master Jee is very sick and is hospitalized Mehru contacts Shahjahan to ask about him and Noman gets mad at it and snatches the phone. HERE HE DIVORCES MEHRU!

Now Mehru packs up to leave the house but her mother in law stops her. Noman leaves the house and is full angry. In the promo we see Mehru a simple girl returning to his respectable house. In an unfortunate turn of events Mehru’s life is turned upside down when Shahjahan along with his friends casually passes flirtatious remarks for Mehru on her wedding day.

Will Shahjahan and Mehru will come together?