Meherposh’s episode 2 was an amazing episode! Now Noman (Ali Abbas) is curious about Shahjahan (Danish Taimoor) and he is upset of his presence around Mehru. His mother Sania Saeed, Nusrat clarifies everything to him and says not to overthink about anything. In this episode the viewers see a very emotional bond between father and the daughter, Master Jee and Mehru. Everyone is busy in wedding preparations.

The episode is full of happiness and wedding festivities and everyone is enjoying. However in the end Noman gets to see how Shahjahan is joking around about his relationship with Mehru to his friends. Noman gets upset and angry at the same time and refuses to marry Mehru but then his mother consoles him. His chachi is manipulating everything and making Mehru’s married life complicated.

In the promo we see how Master Jee is not feeling well and then Mehru calls Shahjahan to ask about his condition and Noman listens everything. Now what will he do?

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