Merium Pervaiz is a confident, self-determined individual who is passionate and energetic about her work. She is known for her YouTube videos and also the makeup tutorials and skincare routine she posts on Instagram. Merium is good-natured and fun loving and this is the reason that she has so many viewers and supporters.

There is a lot of hype amongst the women about Merium Pervaiz cosmetics and the sales of these products are fabulous.

The lady who is known for engaging Instagram captions is Merium Pervaiz.

She managed to assemble a great insta family and this makes it even more confident when making videos. Recently, she launched her own cosmetic brand which is very light and worth buying. Women all over Pakistan are interested in buying her makeup products. The makeup products include a beautiful eyeshadow palette, dramatic yet subtle

mascara and some classy pair of eyelashes. The name of this palette is “Bounty” which means treasure. This palate is  suitable for all ages and also consists of a variety of colours from nudes to vibrant and then some glittery colours as well. These shades are easily blendable and also there high pigmented. Moreover the palate is quite reasonable when it comes to size and price.

This is basically the curly mascara and it gives extra length and volume to your eyelashes. It comes with thick bristle wand and is easy when it comes to application. This mascara is long lasting and waterproof also it gives an amazing look after application.

These pair of eyelashes are extremely right in weight and are easy to apply. In addition to this these eyelashes are reusable more than 10 times. Also they are very natural and gives a very subtle look. These eyelashes are very economical and also of Amazing quality.

Which product is your Favorite…?