Ayyan Ali, a singer and model from Pakistan, was extraordinarily handsome. In 2010, she started modelling, and in 2011 she won the award for Best Female Emerging Model. In addition, she was nominated for four Lux Style Awards. She was a well-known model before a lawsuit alleging money laundering ended her modeling career. However, the model persisted in her struggle and started singing. Ayyan recently spoke to her followers about her rigorous exercise routine and amazing weight loss success.

Ayyan Ali has also discussed her struggles with depression and weight gain. She claimed that due to PTSD, she gained 100 kg after moving from 60 kg to that weight, but that owing to a rigorous fitness regimen, she is now 58 kg.

Ayyan Ali also spoke about how her personal scandals affected her, particularly how she battled severe depression after making a false political claim. She asserted that she is now 58 kg and back to her previous self after gaining weight in 2017 and facing fat shaming. Here are some Ayyan Ali photos for inspiration. Check that out!

However, everyone who wishes the model well praises her struggle and claims that it was her tenacity that paid off, and she is now back in life.