An MPA from Rawalpindi named Malik Taimoor from PTI recently submitted a resolution to the Punjab assembly stating that the word “talaaq” is being used excessively in Pakistani drama serials and is resulting in a negative impact on our so-called inclusive and family oriented societal mindsets thus it needs to be banned. There have been various serials such as Sangat which shows its lead who has committed an act of rape to be shown as a decent and caring human being who had committed the crime based on a primitive slip or a natural sexual urge.

The problem regarding casual sexual abuse, verbal harassment or physical violence has long since been portrayed in our dramas as something that is common and a natural thing to accept from marriages when ‘little misunderstandings’ occur or the wife has trigged the powerful possessive side of the male lead. This trend was also observed in super hit dramas such as Humsafar or even Gul-e-rana where the hero with his bruised ego kidnaps the girl who rejects him, marries her forcefully and rapes her. similarly in drama serials like Muqaabil and Chup Reho marital rape and harassment is glamorized. But the real problem is divorce culture being shown in marriages right. In Pakistan men and women both are constantly being forced to make it work or try to rekindle a loveless or unhappy marriage mainly due to societal pressures or the divorce taboo.


The concept of tripple talaaq is an action that results in women subjugation and needs to be banned but divorce done in the right way is not something that should be frowned upon or considered wrong in anyway. The happy marriage institution is significant for the well-being of the society no doubt about that but it cannot be the case for every single person. Is the word divorce more offensive to the human ears than the idea of a loveless and unhappy marriage for life?

It is time us Pakistanis start to set our priorities right!