A Simple Man From a Small Town, Mubashir Saddique recently crossed 1.3 million+ followers on his YouTube channel, Village Food Secrets. The channel has majorly amassed international following which resurfaces due to the nostalgia that can be observed in Saddique’s videos regarding our very own traditional village life and recipes.

The channel offers an insight into the life of a technology less cooking where simpler and less modern methods are used to prepare delicious continental and traditional dishes. Mubashir shares his story where he was a factory worker and barely earned Rs15,000 per month as his wage. He has a limited educational background that caused various problems but he always felt the need to do better. When he posted his first video it led to an incredible response from the audience. With limited equipment and expertise for Youtube and social media at that time Mubashir was flabbergasted and earned way more than his monthly salary just by posting the single video.

From there on his success journey began. He learned camera and editing skills and to date has posted a total of 524 videos where each video has above 500k plus views. In his exclusive interview for Page 3, he still remains humble and kind at heart and thanks God for all his blessings. We wish him best of luck for his future and more success to follow for this wonderful you tube star!