There are many crafty products that make claims that using it will help you miraculously lose weight within a month but rarely any product/service ever lives up to the claims they make.  I was genuinely surprised when Diet by Design started to actually work for me. I tried everything to help me lose weight. After my second child my endeavors became quite hopeless and I was close to giving up when I decided to try the lean meal design 3 –month program by diet by design.

One month in the program I am shocked and pleasantly surprised. I have lost 3 Kgs in just 2 weeks and I don’t even feel like I have been dieting or cutting down on anything. I receive beautifully packed food boxes for each meal of the day and each box has a sticker that contains the amount of calories it contains within. Every meal is extremely healthy and hygiene and each single day I get a different dish variety from Manchurian to steaks to chow Mein. And There are desserts too! (My son always ends up eating my brownies) and Everything tastes absolutely delicious.

In one week there is a two-day detox where I receive juices and a detoxing diet. My favorite is the up-beat juice and seven vegetables detox soup. All these meals have increased my metabolism significantly and improved by digestive system greatly. Not a single day have I felt bored and never have I felt like I have crazy cravings which I used to feel when I was dieting before. From nuts to fresh juices to amazing cuisines, This diet is truly a dream diet. I feel so refreshed and good everyday WHILE I lose weight. What can one ask for? But the best part? I don’t have to stress over my diet meal prep! Every day I wake up. My meals are there. That is, it.

The diet design is constructed by nutritionist Saadia Salman and she has designed two different three month programs of diet designs.

  • Keto Plus
  • Lean Meals
  • Holistic Detox

There is a variation in price and the kind of meals you get with each. Keto diet is followed by Juggan Kazim, and Reema Khan took Detox Meals, and they are highly satisfied. I have never been happier with any weight loss diet plan/service before.

They offer a bridal weight loss package and also a one-day trial program to initiate you into the design and help you understand it better before you choose to buy a package.

So what are you waiting for???