Natasha shares with us her thoughts, reflecting her own personal style.
Her inherent aesthetic sense translates into her gorgeous self. We have her share with
us how she came about to be so charismatic and what inspired her!

Natasha adil is a banker, wife, mom and a daughter, a vibrant islooite and a very glam socialite, a darling of the capital’s social circuit.

How would you describe your personal style aesthetic?
My style is formal at times usually I believe in smart casual.

How does that reflect in your life?
I work in a corporate world so day attires and evenings are different depending on what is required.

Describe your style and vibe when it comes to fashion?
I don’t follow fashion as such and choose to wear what suits me and mix and match to look glam.

Your biggest support system?
My hubby and my mother coupled with a fine bunch of friends like family.

Favourite vacation spot?
Cape town

Favourite Model?
Kiran Malik

You hate it when you see people?
Pretending to be khandani when they are not.

Oldest item in your closet? ‘Kimkhwab sherwani’and a pair of antique Polki earrings.

Current Obsession?
Trying to lose 5 kg.

Favourite Cologne?
Coco Chanel/OudIspahan.

Gold or Silver?

You are impatient about?

Addicted to? Huggies and snuggies from my sons.

Fame or Love?

Money Or Marriage?

When are you the happiest?
When I have travel plans.

Learnt the hard way?
You walk alone always.

Favorite designer?
Tom Ford/Chanel/ Sania maskatiya.

Favorite food?