Drama serial Rang Mahal which is a 7th Sky entertainment and it gained a lot of viewership. The drama has been directed by Zahid Mehmood and written by Shafia Khan and became the top most trend as soon as it started airing. It has an amazing cast Humayun Ashraf, Sehar Khan and Ali Ansari.  


Sehar Khan aka Mahpara won millions of hearts across the globe with her acting skills and on point expressions. Mahpara is a strong girl and is not shown weak and vulnerable. She takes stand for herself and becomes a strong independent woman and through this woman empowerment is shown.

This drama has been a rollercoaster ride and different truths unfolded throughout. The story was very relatable and proved to be very exciting. However, viewers are not happy with the end of this drama serial. After the entire struggle Rayed and Mahpara ended together as they were made for each other. On the other hand Salaar sacrificed his true love for Mahpara and ended up with a better partner Sara.

In the last episode Salaar became everyone’s favorite and they wanted Mahpara to marry Salaar and not Rayed. Salaar was a gentleman and helped Mahpara at her worst times and made her what she is today.

Here are the comments of viewers on the last episode of the drama serial Rang Mahal.