Noshakh is a new an exotic restaurant that has opened up in FF, DHA lahore. The name of the restaurant is inspired by Afghanistan’s highest peak and what is there to say, the moment you enter the restaurant you feel like you’ve entered into other dimension, you get so emulsified in the Afghani culture that you seem to forget that you are actually not there. The stunningly colorful paintings of Afghani horse riders and the tribal furniture is intriguing and highly fascinating.

The cultural integration doesn’t seem to end here. The rich and exotic tasting food imersed with the flavors of true Afghani spices again transports you right into Kabul.

From the succulent and fulfilling portions of Chapal kebabs to the nutty kabuli pulao, soft and juicy namkeen rosh and delicious lamb karahi; Noshakh delivers everything that it promises to deliver. The true taste of Afghani cuisine along with their tridal ambiance for an enriching cultural and dining experience.