Maham Amjad is the CEO of Fashion Police Pakistan, which is a media/news company who arrest people for looking on/off point.

Maham Amjad has a great sense of style and never fails to pull off any look. While looking as amazing as she does, she gives the viewers some serious fitness goals too.

Ms. Amjad being as young as she is, has launched her 3rd company and we can’t wait to see what’s next for Fashion Police Pakistan or should we say, we can’t wait to see who all will be in her jail.

Tell us about your work? How long have you been working ?
I started working at a very young age. I was always fascinated by the idea of being independent and so, as soon as I graduated I started working. I have two companies. One is Ceduire – that’s a PR n events company and the other is Fashion Police Pakistan – that’s a media/news company soon to be launching its own magazine.

Were you always inclined towards this profession or did you aspire to do something different growing up?
I wanted to be a fashion designer when I was young. I had a great sense of designing and so wanted to pursue it. Seeing every other person being a designer was a put off for me and so I lost interest. I have always wanted to do something different than others, I think out of the box and that landed me in becoming a marketing consultant.

Tell us about your first job in Fashion world?
I worked for Hina Butt as an intern and designed for her for a bit. What made me change my mind was definitely Hina, she’s a one woman show, her sales even at that time were exceptional. She didn’t care if her name was out there or not she was minting money and that business woman attitude is what I picked up on.

According to you what is your coolest and worst part about the job?
Talking about Fashion Police Pakistan – the coolest part would be getting everybody to talk about things they don’t want to about in front of the camera.
Worst part would be I am making a lot of enemies – not that I don’t have plenty already .

Tell us about your skills and your areas of opportunity.
Talking about skills, being a marketing person I think I have a great convincing power.
There have been situations where my friends took me in their meeting halls painted me as someone part of their team and made me close the deal. Trust me, you can’t say no to this face.

What is your work mantra?

Work routine is interviews /shooting in the day time and sitting at the studio getting everything edited in the evening. I’m very hands on with my work.

What are your views on the fashion industry? There has been a lot happening in terms of fashion weeks and councils coming up. Do you think this is making a difference in any way?
Honestly I think the fashion weeks need to cut down a bit. I miss that time when we just had two fashion weeks a year, everybody used to look forward to it and the designers had time to bring out their creativity. Now fashion weeks are all about the red carpet, no one cares about what happens on the ramp.

What makes you stand out amongst the others?
What makes me stand out amongst others is my loyalty to my work, fashion industry is very fascinating for the people who are not a part of it, the ones who are in it know how dirty things can get. Also, One needs to make sure the other person knows your worth here. I can say this proudly the amount of respect I have for myself, I have never allowed anyone to disrespect me and that makes me stand out from all.

Tell us about Fashion Police Pakistan?

I have just launched FPP and the response is amazing so far. We are focusing on interviews right now, after the interviews we’ll start raiding events and after that we’ll be launching our Fashion Police Pakistan magazine.