Now parwaaz hai junoon as the name suggests is a patriotic film which revolves around the lives and struggles of the two main lead characters Sania (Hania aamir) and Hamza (Hamza Ali abbasi) and is in keeping with its airforce theme. There are other characters within which add on to the dynamics of the story and makes it more engaging and interesting.

One thing that will keep you on your toes throughout this film are the detail oriented airforce training scenes. Every second of the training process shown was a new aspect of airforce that many of us wouldn’t have seen before and it makes one fall in love with Pakistan airforce and their ways even more.

In terms of glamor one can rate the movie 10/10. The locations are stunning ranging from the prestigious looking airforce training insitute to the beautiful mansion Hamza Ali abbasi is shown to live in. All characters in the movie look stunning on screen which never hurts. Hania aamir in her prior innocence and later in her empowered character is refreshing. Hamza did complete justice to his rugged, nationalistic aura mixed with a touch of sensitivity regarding love and family thus making both the characters three dimensional and well thought out .

Overall the movie will make sure youre engrossed in it from start to the end . The way the movie is phased out will definitely keeps you guessing and will constantly make you fall deeper and deeper in love with the characters.
The movie tends to get emotional in the middle but the story has been balanced out by the addition of a humorous character (shafaat Ali) who succeeds in adding comedy to a rather serious movie.

Though the ending of the movie might seem a little abrupt and not entirely in keeping with what the entire movie is building towards, there is still enough flesh in the film to keep you hooked throughout.

From its cinematography to the acting all the way down to the plot of the movie and lets not forget its spectacular songs. One of the favorites being Atif aslams romantic number ‘Thaam lo’ and the highly patriotic song ‘main urra’ . It is definitely worth a watch and you wont come out disappointed.

Plot 7/10

Cinematography 8/10

Acting 9/10

Songs 9/10