The number of daylight hours is decreasing, the temperature is dropping, and the air is becoming drier. It’s now time to get ready to protect your skin from the drying effects of the cooler fall and winter weather. Learn more about the cures by reading on.

  1. Following a shower, immediately apply moisturizer.

Apply moisturizer as soon as you are done with the shower. Applying your moisturizer shortly after taking a shower or bath and after washing your hands or face can help your skin retain the most moisture.

  • Keep hand cream with you

Always be prepared is the Boy Scout motto. A quality hand cream should be carried. Pick one that includes some of the elements from the list above. After washing your hands, you should dab on a little coating of non-greasy hand cream. As a result, the hands lose far less moisture during the day.

  • Even in the winter, wear sunscreen.

The drying of the skin is just one of the harmful impacts of UV radiation from the sun. Look for a moisturizer that has SPF built in that you can use all year long to protect your face, hands, neck, and other exposed regions of skin from the damaging effects of sunshine.

  • Apply lip balm

Pick a lip balm that will make your lips feel comfortable. Mint is a common ingredient in medicinal balms, which may cause tingling or burning. Instead, go for a moisturizer and calming product.

  • Avoid direct contact with heat sources and fires.

On a chilly night, it may be alluring to curl up by the fire, but avoid getting too close to your heater or fireplace because the hot air may drain all the moisture from your skin.

  • Get facial and microdermabrasion

The texture of your skin can be improved with at-home care, but a visit to the dermatologist is still preferable. If you want a professional facial in the fall and winter, think about visiting your dermatologist frequently. Another efficient method of treating dry skin is microdermabrasion. Consider having a dermatologist perform microdermabrasion because your skin may be particularly dry and worn out from exposure to the sun over the summer. In order to maintain your skin’s youthful radiance throughout the fall, this treatment gently eliminates dead skin cells to reveal smoother skin beneath.