Pretty representative of the much maligned fashion generation.

Model, actor, painter, designer, & a mime performer Humaira is an example of vivacious and energetic women of today.

One look at her and you think ‘what a pretty girl’. While make-up for her may be a necessity for the camera, in reality it does for her what artificial food colour does to fresh orange juice.

When you talk to her, you inevitably come up with the terribly clichéd ‘beauty with brains’, but somehow it undermines the person that she is. So let us start all over again.

Humeira is a break through to the Pakistani Fashion Industry and she is one of the most unpretentiously sought out faces around in showbiz currently from the Veet Talent Hunt. But it is her inspiring personality that instantly reassures you that this pretty representative of the much-maligned fashion generation has an intelligent head on her shoulders and her feet firmly planted on the ground. It’s just one side of this talented young energetic girl on the other side she is a great Visual-art artist, she paints, make sculptures and designs. We see and feel highly aesthetic qualities that are depth in her.

She delivers to audience no matter acting, modelling, dance, painting, sculpture or sketching.