Zara Noor Abbas and Asad Sidddique recently tied a knot very recently with also their Nikkah in Karachi and followed by a beautiful celebrity studded reception. Both the stars are working and currently competitive with lots of on-screen talent and the go-to-looks. We can’t wait to see this sizzling new couple together on-screen; but got no news of it as yet, we hope some producer gets on it soon!

This couple recently walked on a ramp parade at the PHBWC which gained them popularity and stardom and people came to know about their cuteness. Zara Noor Abbas is rising at highs since she joined the industry, after all it runs in the bloodline. The beauty and brains combined from the heritage from Bushra Ansari (Aunt) and Asma Abbas (Mother).

She was the one actually broking stereotypes and wearing black on her wedding reception day! Kudos to you Zara! And may this new year bring many more blessings to this couple.