At the met Gala 2018 by Versace, Both the style queens of bollywood Deepika and Priyanka chose to wear different shades of red. The theme for the met gala was Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination.

Here is Priyanka Chopra’s look at the Met gala

Time magazine declared Priyanka’s dress to be ‘The Best Interpretation of a Knight’s Tale’. Priyanka followed the theme ingenuously, though her headdress might seem unflattering. Her dress combined both knight and princess elements with her gold wimple/coif style headpiece that topped her gorgeous crimson velvet gown from Ralph Lauren.

Followed the Theme: 9/10

Looked Stunning: 4/10

Lets Check out Deepika’s look

Deepika wore the Atelier Prabal Gurung cardinal silk crepe strapless gown known as the Cardinal virtue that had an impossibly long trail at the back. It might not be according to the theme but boy she looks beautiful!

Followed the Theme: 5/10

Looked Stunning: 9/10

Lets get to the After Party attires by Deepika and Priyanka

Deepika wore a yellow velvet jacket by Sandro Paris and black leggings which although looked highly flattering on her but again didn’t resonate with the theme of the party,

Followed the Theme: 3/10

Looks stunning: 7/10

Priyanka took our breath away as she slipped into black and golden pants with a black jacket coupled with a berry lip lipstick. how sexy does she look? we have no words, check out for yourself!

Followed the Theme: 7/10

Looks stunning: 9/10

Priyanka takes the lead here! Piggy chops just knows how to do the met gala right!