Chapped and dry lips are common today due to the weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to take care of the lips. For this purpose there are many products available in the market but home remedies are the most effective and convenient too. Follow the steps below to get rid of chapped lips and have beautiful lips instead.


Scrubbing is very important to remove the dead skin on your lips. Here are two homemade lip scrubs made out of easy ingredients available in the kitchen.

  1. Honey and sugar scrub

It is one of the easiest scrubs. Just take half teaspoon of sugar and add some honey to it. Now gently applied on your lips and scrub it. The sugar is known as the exfoliating agent and the honey we’ll moisturize your lips.

  1. Coffee scrub

The coffee scrub is also very easy. 1 tablespoon of ground coffee and olive oil and gently applied on your lips and leave it for 5 minutes and rinse with water. Coffee will help your lips rejuvenate and will make them smooth.

Apply Vaseline:

After scrubbing you can apply Vaseline it will help moisturize the lips and make them softer.

Homemade lip tint:

The beetroot lip tint is easy to make and also pocket friendly as compared to other tints available in the market. First for all, take a beetroot and grind it. Once it turns into a paste then you can strain and extract the juice. Now you can add half teaspoon of aloe vera gel and some drops of glycerine. Mix it well and also store it neat, clean dry container. You can apply it directly on your lips when going somewhere. It has no preservatives and no side effects.

Follow this routine and get beautiful lips at home!