He is pro-active, flexible and experienced!

Crimson Events has the client centric approach, with an aim to make the events exceptionally memorable by adding the Crimson touch. Crimson touch is all about adding remarkable value to the experience through top class food, stellar service and outstanding ambiance. Muneeb Irfan a banker by profession has come up with his brainchild ;the first business venture that has carved his niche in the market with his idea to make all events memorable simply because they represent an important or special day in the customer’s personal /professional life. Here he talks to Page 3 about this experience so far.

What does it take to be a successful event manager/planner?

The essential qualities a successful event manager needs to have would be a very clear focus on customer and his / her needs, pro-activeness, flexibility and effective use of experience.Is formal education in Event Management/planning a better way to launch oneself in this field?

I believe so, as it would enable one to get a head start with regards to the core functions of the business and be hands on with industry’s latest trends. Formal education is one of the tools that brings to the table a certain competitive edge.

Your biggest success so far?

By the Grace of Almighty, Crimson Events has been quite successful since its launch;which happened start of this year. We have been able to win appreciation, confidence and referrals of our customers in this short time span.

Last-minute disaster you managed to escape at an event?

We were able to overcome simultaneous power failure and back-up generator failure right before the start of an important event by virtue of proactive action of our team.

How do you manage to balance work and family life?

Being able to prioritize task & engagements and organize agenda of one’s workday is the key. Also, in my line of work,

I get the luxury of limited flexibility in work routine. This enables me to strike some balance between work & family life.

Has Event Management become more challenging with time, or is it the other way round?

It has indeed become more challenging with time. The segment has become ever more competitive and the average customer

is now lot more aware & demanding.

People in Pakistan have become very conscious/aware about quality and standard, what’s your take on that ?

It has a lot to do with shifting cultural trends & norms. Pakistanis weddings have become very elaborate and there is a lot more detail,

time & budget that goes into planning. Social and digital media have played a vital role in making people more aware and events almost ostentatious.

What are the challenges for event managers in general, and for those as young as yourself?

I think the biggest challenge is to stand out amongst available options and run a customer focused business model in the long run.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years ?

As Crimson Events, we plan to diversify in to other associated segments of our industry and enhance our reach to potential market.

We may also venture into hospitality and restaurant business.

How does cyber space come in handy?

Cyberspace has turned the world in to a smaller place. It presents us with cost effective & convenient mediums to reach

out and present our products / services to potential customers.

What projects are you working on currently?

We are currently working on plans to diversify into outdoor catering and off site event management segments.