As soon as we grow up we are frequently asked questions by relatives and family that when we are going to get married. Especially when it comes to girls, as soon as the girls starts to age everyone gets curious about the wedding. This is how the society works but we really need to understand the problems in the Rishta culture.

First of all you find that potential “Rishta” or the Mr Perfect!

1) The rishta people come over and the observed that a girl from all angles. Not only this but how she walks in how she talks everything is observed. Also if she can cook or not and this is how a girl is objectified.

2) When the Rishta people come over a special treatment is given to them. Food is arranged for them which is good in terms of quantity and quality. This is basically done to create an impression on them and the parents are in a constant pressure.

3) Sometimes the girl is rejected on spot or they go home and they make a call afterwards. This actually breaks the girl and she thinks that she got rejected because she possesses some kind of flaw.

4) In addition to this a girl is questioned about everything including her past and is bounded by so many restrictions. For example she is not allowed to work after marriage.

5) Then comes the system of dowry! The in-laws start demanding things even before finalising the wedding can sometimes weddings happened only when they are fulfilling the demands.

In conclusion a girl is judged for a good 30 40 minutes and this is how the rishta culture works in our society.

Do you think it is fair to judge a book by its cover?