A true women never follows the crowd, she feels pride in being herself.

Sara Zahid currently studying in LUMS, is a 21-years old Youth idol. She operates her own fashion blog called “ the_Sara_Series ” and is known for -pulling off stunning dresses from a variety of famous designers and brands. Her popularity stems from her styling choices and showcasing them on her blog while living her life as a normal girl. Here is her exclusive interview for Page 3 Magazine.

You have become an inspiration for the youth but what has been your inspiration?

Everyone who is struggling with something or the other but still finds the strength to carry themselves with grace and dignity are a source of inspiration. I can’t name any single name but there are so many women around me that inspire me daily, be it my mother’s resilience, my sister’s confidence and contentment or my friend’s undying support, it all makes me want to be a better person.

What is one thing you wish you knew when you started blogging?

I wish I knew how much my life was actually going to change, at that time it was trivial decision I made very casually but looking back my life would definitely not be the same if I wasn’t a blogger. If I had known how much fun I’d be having, I might have started earlier.

Imagine if you did not have access to your account for a week: what impact would it have on your life and what would

change in your daily routine?

Haha oh God… I can’t even imagine that because I’m literally addicted to my instagram so I’ll be going through some serious withdrawal. However,

I think I’ll have much more time to do other things that I love such as reading or catching up on my favorite tv shows so it might just be a

good mental cleanse.

What tips would you give to Instagramers who would like to become influencers?

Don’t try to be someone you’re not, because people are going to know you’re pretending. Always be proud of the person you are, trust me, everyone loves someone they can relate to and actually have a connection with.

You are doing almost everything young girls and women want to do these days. Is there anything you still look forward to do in life or are passionate about?

A LOT. I probably can’t even fit everything I want to do in this answer, I believe life has a lot more to offer and I’m completely up for the ride. I have always been a very multifaceted person and I want something new in every phase of life, let’s see what I pick next!

We all know the great things about being an influencer on Instagram, tell us about the difficult part?

The difficult part is that you have to lose touch with your humanness sometimes, you could be having the worst day of your life but you’re still going to have to post. Also, sometimes I’m afraid of oversharing, I like my privacy and don’t want my personal life on display which obviously becomes difficult when you’re a public person. And lastly, sometimes getting dressed and taking pictures seems like such a chore but I believe in always looking good and showing up, no matter what is going on in my life.

What does a typical day in your week look like?

A typical day starts with me waking up 20 minutes before my class and then desperately trying to look presentable while eating breakfast. Usually, I have a blogging commitment or a shoot after class so I rush to that. My days mostly end with meeting up with my friends for chai or dinner. Sounds tiring I know, but that’s just the way I like it.

What are your must have products? Tell us what is in your bag?

I always carry pressed powder and lipstick with me no matter what, other than that I always have my Power bank with me because I am absolutely obsessed with my phone and can’t function if it’s off…even for a second.

General words of wisdom you live by?

To be grateful. It sounds very simple but it has done wonders for me, I feel like a much happier and freer person after realizing the uncountable blessings I have in my life which we often tend to ignore. I always remind myself of everything I’m grateful for (even the tiniest things like having a good dinner) before going to bed which never lets me forget how blessed I really am.

 Worst trend this season?  

Everyone wearing the same mass produced lawn suits and looking like clones!

 One tip you would give to university going girls like you?

Try new things and get out of your comfort zone. Also, don’t forget to wear sunblock. What is one quality that is necessary to be a blogger and how to improve it? Confidence, not just to be a blogger but to be generally be successful in life. Self-love is the best love out there and trust me if you don’t love yourself, why would anyone else?

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