Everyone has their eyes on Miraal nowadays. Her dressing, look, makeup and acting everything is on fleek. Everyone’s drooling over that perfect makeup look which is nude and natural. Let’s try out the Miraal look!

Makeup products:

  1. Miniso eyebrow pencil (dark brown shade)
  2. Flormar foundation
  3. Rebecca Bonbon blush on tint
  4. Maybelline concealer
  5. Rival De Loop Matt liquid lipstick (nude pink: Matt couture)
  6. Snapscara by Maybelline
  7. Essence highlighter pallette
  8. Maybelline baby skin primer


  1. First of all prep your face with a primer and then wait for five minutes. After five minutes apply foundation and mascara on your eye lashes properly. Next apply tint on your face and Lipstick. Finally apply the Matt lipstick and put the highligher on the forehead, cheekbones and chin.