Saturday, is not an ordinary day of the week people wait for it anxiously as they get to see the drama serial “Merey Paas Tum Ho”- Nadeem Baig’s big hit. Yes, this is true. You will witness less traffic on the road at 8 pm sharp because everyone is busy watching Mere Paas Tum Hou.

This drama basically talks how love is just not enough for successful happy relationship. It revolves around an ordinary couple; Mehwish and Danish. Mehwish is a beautiful girl who has different mindset as compared to Danish who is a simple honest man. Mehwish thinks that money is everything and this causes the couple to divorce as Danish is not able to fulfill what Mehwish wants. Mehwish marries Shehwaar Ahmed who is a rich man; Shehwaar manipulates Mehwish and leaves her in the end. So this drama includes GREED, POWER, BETRAYAL and SCARIFICE.

Recently, Mehwish ends up apologizing to Danish, she requests him to forgive her and let her live with their child, Roomi but Danish refuses to this. On the other hand Roomi proposes Hania, his teacher to marry Danish. Now Danish has to decide whether to forgive Mehwish the love of his life or to start a new life with Hania.



Stay tuned and do not forget to watch the episode tomorrow!!