The onset of Eid is all about exciting telefilms, and this year is no exception, especially when we have rom-coms like Chand Raat Aur Chandni to look forward to. With a glittering cast of Shahzad Sheikh and Alizeh Shah playing the romantic leads, along with Ayaz Samoo, Nazrul Hassan, Ismail Tara and Hina Rizvi  in supporting roles, this telefilm is gearing up to be a momentous one.

The plot Chand Raat Aur Chandni revolves around a small town love story. Shami, played by Sheikh, is your boy-next-door, loved by everyone around him, but is secretly in love with his childhood best friend Chandni, played by Shah. Once Shami gets to know his childhood bud is getting married, he realizes his feelings for her, and plans to stop the wedding and kidnap Chandni, with the help of his friends.

Speaking of his work experience with Alizeh Shah, Shahzad Sheikh only had pleasant memories to recall. “I have had a great experience working with her, she’s fantastic, and a happy and chirpy girl. I am really good friends with her mother also. She is always on time, and is very professional, it’s always been great working with her,” he said. 

The telefilm is being produced by Big Bang Entertainment. As a frequent collaborator of the production house, Sheikh recalled how he was also the star of the company’s first ever drama serial. “I actually shot the very first drama of Big Bang Entertainment, which starred me, Fahad Mustafa, and Sonya Hussyn. That was a great experience, after which I did two more drama serials. Now I am actually working with BBE after a few years, and hoping it all goes well,” he shared.

Directed by Fajr Raza and written by Umair Qazi, the telefilm is scheduled to hit your screens this Eid ul Fitr on ARY Digital. A lot more than your average rom-com, Chand Raat Aur Chandni has a lineup of some amusing characters and a storyline that is enjoyable to all. Stay tuned to find out if a happy ending is in the works, and if Chandni also likes our leading man back.