Zero – A movie staring the legendary SRK with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif as leads was one of the most promising movies of 2018. With high expectations associated with the film due to the brilliant cast and the glorious sets. How was the movie anyway?

Lets start with the plot. The movie without any spoilers focuses on Shahrukh’s character who is arranged to be married to aAnushka Sharma but is interested in meeting with his ultimate celebrity crush Katrina Kaif and claims to love her and her alone. The plot twist starts when he deserts Anushka Sharma to meet the love of his life through a competition entry.

The movie is filmed in splendor with stunning shots and beautiful scenes that make the audience applaud the cinematic brilliance that went into filming each shot. Anushka and Katrina have out performed in their roles. The movie has some hilarious blips and dialogues delivered by the legend SRK himself which keep the audiences hooked throughout.

Where the movie lacks on the plot front. It tries to make it up through its top cast, well written dialogues, amazing songs and out class performances.

The movie is worth the watch!