Saima always loved playing with colors, first in her delicate designs in fabric and now in her sophisticated makeup looks.

Not knowing that her love for learning would lead to her to the makeup industry by creating a salon line.

Saima Yousaf always believed in the idea of beautifying women early with her clothing now with her services in her salon.

SYS salon is establishing business in Lahore after success of Dubai that provides all beauty services that we modern women require today.

She dedicated twelve years of her life in the fashion industry and she established a well-known Fashion brand named “Hoorain” (Girls of Paradise) with signature style, focusing on luster, shine and vibrancy. Saima Yousaf always liked experiencing and learning new things. Therefore, she got engaged with the idea of makeup.

Saima always loved playing with colors, first in her delicate designs in fabric and now in her sophisticated makeup looks. Not knowing that her love for learning would lead to her to the makeup industry by creating a salon line.

SYS salon a place where we know how treat and care for a beloved customer head to toe.

Saima Yousaf wants to show the difference between qualified skills as compared to typical work and she decided to spread professional skills of beauty in Pakistan.

SYS will be providing all types of makeup and special hair treatment including color therapy also face and body treatment like Moroccan Bath.

Tell us about your work? How long have you been working in this profession?

I love my work and I love makeup. Makeup is not just fixing imperfections or making one look pretty. It’s truly an art, a skill to transform someone. It is something that makes me feel very empowered and happy as I try my best to make my clients happy. I have been in this profession since 2011. I started with amateur courses and I’ve been trying to perfect my skills ever since.

Were you always inclined towards this profession or did you aspire to do something different growing up?

As a child I used to get mesmerised by colours. I was just drawn to them. Despite my lack of skills in arts I still faced the idea of colour. Therefore, I learned to play with colours on fabric back in the early 2000s to 2009. I worked as a designer with the brand name Hoorain. I left designing but I still was drawn to the same childhood desires of learning new creative things related to colour and art. Therefore, the makeup industry attracted me. It was so amazing to see the power of makeup and how it’s an art. Ever since I’ve looked at face as a clear canvas which I enjoy using colour on to transform it.

Tell us about your experience so far in the makeup world?

My experience has been amazing. It is reallyinteresting to learn and to practice, yet one requires learning a lot of techniques to practice. I still recall my teacher asking me to out eyeliner 200 times. I even recall my teacher ruining the makeup on my models face with mascara and asking me to fix it. All of that trail and errors have been a hectic yet amazing journey. It’s true what they say if one doesn’t fall they never learn to stand up.

What kind of academic background and training equips you use for this work?

The most technically skill in my option is colorcorrection; getting smooth cave is something one needs to be perfect at, getting the perfect smokey blended black eye inspired by kumzami was a huge challenge for me on the other hand, event grad makeup is also very challenging. I’ve had many opportunities to show case my skills. I’ve done makeup for brides in the UAE. Me and my salon has been working in on indue fashion week for the past 4 years. I have also done several shoots with Al-Saba and other magazines. I’ve also done makeup for several Indian and Pakistani celebrities.

Tell us about your technical skills and your areas of opportunity.

You need to know a lot of techniques but the key concept to learning makeup is passion and practice. One needs to be perfectin one skill before trying another. I have done courses from all around the world and from brands all around the world. Including Kryolan in Dubai (UAE) I even took courses from Sameer Quazami himself and other famous artists such as Jos Brad, face-off, lannguyen, Sian Richards and other makeup artists. I also travelled to Europe to enhance my skills in makeup skill such as evantgard makeup and other technical makeup looks. Once you start to learn makeup there is no going back and one is always learning.

What is the biggest challenge makeup artists have to face?What would be your message for young aspiring makeup artists?

The biggest challenge for any makeup artist is client satisfaction. Every client has different needs and wants. Therefore, client satisfaction and happiness is the biggest challenge for me as I want to make all my clients feel beautiful and more confident. My message for all makeup artists is that if makeup is something you enjoy or are passionate about then learn it professionally and through proper channels and sources. As makeup is an art, that needs to be perfect.

How do you determine a client’s undertone before you decide what makeup technique to use?

It depends on the client. As every client has a different type of skin with different chain including Pakistani, Indian, Nigerian, American Russian etc. We have to judge their skin’s texture and their undertones and problem areas such as large pores, acne, discoloration then we color correct accordingly e.g. to cover extra redness we use green color correctorto color correct then put foundation as well as to cover discoloration of darker skin we use an orange color corrector.

What make up trends are heading our way in 2017 to 2018?

Mauve and pinky shades on the eyes are in fashion. Metallic and glossy lips are in fashion. Very dewy foundation and blinding highlights are in fashion. Yet, something’s such as bold red lips and cat eyeliner are everlasting makeup trends. And you can never go wrong with a bold smokey eye inspired by Sameer Kumazami with nude lips.

What are your hopes and dreams for the future? How far do you wish to go with this profession?

My dream is to open huge academy in Pakistan with European style facilities. As our country has a lot of talent and the upcoming generation is very much into makeup yet I haven’t seen one proper institution of makeup in Pakistan on a higher scale. Therefore, I want to be able to push the scales of talent in Pakistan as we have a lot of young talent yet no one to bring it forward.

What are your views on the fashion industry? There has been a lot happening in terms of master classes and blogging. Do you think this is making a difference in any way?

Obviously, yes we are living in a post modernist world. The world relays in social media and the internet. It’s something everyone looks up to whether it be children or adults, mass media has a huge effect in the social world. Fashion industry is also hugely affected by mass media. I enjoy fashion a lot yet I prefer we should stick to our roots and traditions when it comes to fashion. We have a beautiful and historically colorful culture and I believe the fashion industry in Pakistan should get inspired from that rather than getting inspired by western trends.