With Kids restricted at home having prolonged summer holidays, it is difficult to keep them entertained throughout the day when whole the country is undergoing lockdown due to the current pandemic. In such times, kids have maximum exposure to television and internet to pass their time during the day. Keeping this in mind, 7th Sky Entertainment yet again comes to the rescue with its thought-provoking programme designed especially for children during this Holy Month by the name of Shees aur Allama Sahab.

Hosted by the Mere Pass Tum Ho fame child star Shees Gul, the programme Shees aur Allama Sahab features intriguing conversations between Shees and highly-acclaimed Islamic scholar Maulana Kaukab Naurani Sahab.

Produced by the talented duo of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of 7th Sky Entertainment, the programme aims to provide information and knowledge to kids about their religion in a fun way. The producers felt the need of providing such platform for children where they shall be informed of our Islamic history culture and values. It will also prove to be a relief for the parents as it would provide a perfect opportunity for their kids to learn about Islam and get their questions answered.

Shees aur AllamaSahab will be aired every day at 6 PM on Geo Television as part of their Ehsaas Ramzan Transmission Programme. The highlight of the show however is its unique set and colorful background designed in such a beautiful way so as to grab attention of not only children but even adults. Breathtaking artificial scenery, soothing waterfall and colorful parrots is what makes the show set a complete winner.

With the addition of this special segment GEO has once again set the bar high by thinking out of the box to design a show specifically for kids. Our children are the future of our country and when they begin to embrace Islamic rituals consciously they practice it from a very early age and grow up to become not only good muslims but also good human beings. 

We hope that this trend continues even after Ramzan as our kids need to know their Islamic values and culture rather than being exposed to vulgar and modern media that they are subject too these days.