With her chameleon-like-ability to change her looks and camera-melting appeal-Rubab has risen up as a sensation in Pakistani fashion industry!

Unlike many other models, she has stayed away from the camps that are endemic to the industry, an industry in which fashion photographers are also de facto modelling agencies in and of themselves. Given that the essential bare-bones role of a model is to be a clothes hanger and a showcase for fashion accessories, it is truly remarkable that Rubab has managed to shine in whatever props that have been given her. She is one of those naturally beautiful faces. Prolific or too pervasive-that’s a matter of perspective.

Rubab feels proud of her body of work, saying, there’s really no avenue that she hasn’t undertaken.So nothing’s a challenge for her anymore. She has proved herself in every quarter and medium. She may be blowing her own trumpet but retailers and designers alike will justify how enterprising and forthright she is. She’s great to work with, no complaints, she’s flexible when it comes to timings or concepts or even people to work with. Having done multiple shoots with her including rushed one-dayThis professionalism has helped her in garnering strings of projects. The fact that she’s a model hasn’t gotten to her head.

Her face and figure is fabulous and she knows exactly what she wants and delivers it.

These other younger models haven’t even made the cut in the industry and they already have their heads in the clouds.