Taking a joyful leap towards the coming season, So Kamal, Pakistan’s premium retail brand, launches its new Cambric Collection 2020. The new collection is available nationwide on all So Kamal stores and also online at https://www.sokamal.com/

The new delicately detailed cambric collection showcases vibrant tones, ebullient embroideries, combined with timeless prints that make an opulent statement this season.

The collection is available in 1 piece kurtas without embroidery, 2-piece shirt and trousers without embroidery and 3-piece cambric outfits with and without embroidery.

“The Cambric 2020 collection welcomes fall with timeless prints, warmer fabrics and detailed embroideries based in multiple range of fabrics. The collection is perfect for the current season and is designed to make the #SoKamalGirl stand out whenever she goes”. said CEO, So Kamal Mrs. Erum Ahmad.