When it comes to clothing brands, Pakistan has a wide variety of options. People can choose from casual, formal, eastern, and western wear as per their budget. However, it is always better to explore more options to find out which other brands you can try on your next shopping trip.  

In this blog, you can check out the top 10 clothing brands and the type of clothes they sell. Good news for readers looking for pakistani bridal dresses as some of these brands specialize in designing clothes for weddings as well.  

The following are the top 10 Pakistani brands you should know about: 


Maria.B is one of the oldest and most famous clothing brands in the country. Its franchises are in all major cities of Pakistan. The clothing brand founded in 1999 by Maria Butt is a specialist in women’s wear and a pioneer when it comes to wedding dresses. You can buy fully embroidered stitched clothes or have your spin on the unstitched options.  


For people who demand good value for money and a wide range of clothing options, Limelight is a brand worth checking out. Its casual wear, semi-formal, and formal dresses for women are very popular. The company has added men’s wear and kids’ wear in recent years to the range. When you get there, you should check out their jewelry and accessories too.  


Khaadi is another old clothing brand that has continued to be a favorite of a lot of people. No wonder this brand has a big international footprint in the UK, US, Canada, and the Middle East. You can buy eastern, western, unstitched, stitched, and men’s collections at a Khaadi franchise. On top of clothes, the company offers a range of shoes too.  


Looking for denim, t-shirts, shirts, shoes, accessories, and all types of casual wear? Outfitters has it all. A good thing about this brand is it has clothes for men, women, and kids. Outfitters happen to be the first choice for Pakistani buyers when looking for styles globally in vogue but at affordable prices. 


Ethnic is a separate brand by Outfitters that specifically deals in eastern clothes. When it comes to the quality and style of casual and semi-formal dresses for women, Ethnic is a reputable name. While Ethnic offers collections for men as well, most of its customers are women. With 30+ franchises across the country, finding your nearest one is quite easy on your next shopping trip.  


Named after the founder Hassan Sheheryar Yasin’s initials, HSY is a Pakistani luxury apparel brand. Thanks to a limited market, you won’t find 10s of franchises of HSY. Yet, the brand never ceases to wow its customers with fashion shows and an exclusive range. If you can afford to spend a significant amount on an outfit, this is where you should go.  

J. (J dot)  

When it comes to men’s wear, J. is arguably the best place to buy shalwar kurtas, sherwanis, traditional men’s sandals, and more. The brand was founded by the late Junaid Jamshed in 2002 and it has been consistently a top choice for men since years for its quality and simplistic yet elegant designs. Their range of perfumes is also worth checking out.  

Asim Jofa 

Asim Jofa is a Pakistani fashion brand that mainly focuses on women’s eastern and bridal wear. Asim Jofa’s variety is truly extensive for both stitched and unstitched collections. Since the brand focuses more on women’s clothes, the men’s range is not that extensive. But women can check the best designs from one of the outlets. 


Sapphire is a Lahore-based apparel brand that specializes in a ready-to-wear and unstitched range of clothes. However, this brand is especially famous for its lawn range. The quality, prints, and cuts make it a favorite summer brand of a lot of women. Not to mention, its prices fall into an affordable range.  

Nishat Linen  

Nishat is one of Pakistan’s biggest business groups. With the brand’s textile mills, Nishat Linen delivers quality fabrics with fashionable designs to almost 70 local franchises and multiple global locations. This brand offers an eastern, western, stitched, and unstitched range. Besides clothes, you can shop for home linen and quality accessories too. Despite being so popular and in demand, the company offers its products at affordable prices.  

The next time when you happen to see an outlet of any of these 10 brands, make sure to visit. You might find the perfect outfit.