Teefa in trouble amidst all the controversies and protests has risen as a star when it comes to movies in the Pakiatani cinema. It has made over 14 crores in just its first week and has broken all previous movie records.

According to expert opinions the movie has freed itself from the shakles of generic and substandard comedy movies that Pakistani film producers and directors have been investing in and the Ahsan Rahim/Ali zafar duo have proven that Pakistani movies can mimic high budget bollywood movies without their high budget.

The rom-com is shot in the beautiful locations of Poland and the details that Ahsan Rahim focused on are microscopic . From the accents to the relatable comedy everything is on point.
The story revolves around Teefa (Ali zafar) who is a goon as well as the go to guy of a high net worth politician (Javaid Sheikh) to get his work done. Teefa is assigned with the task to get anya from Poland to Pakistan and get her married to the politicians son.
In the meantime teefa faces loads of trouble and hinderances but also realizes how he needs to decide if money matters more to him than love.

1) Action Sequences

The movie has fantastic action sequences that have been spent on heavily and keep the audiences hooked. The scenes look professional and not overly dramatized though it seems that in some areas they have been over done to an extent. Cut 15mins of action sequences out and you have a completely balanced film.

2) Acting and Dialogues

Ali Zafar has proven himself to be a splendid actor. Comedy is his expertise as he has shown in bollywood movies such as tere bin ladin and kill dill. He just added another movie to that list. Maya Ali as a novice has done better than expected whereas other characters such as faisal qureshi who is teefas side kick  provides the petfect comic relief in serious moments too.

3) Music

With the Zafar brothers composition along with songs co-sung by Aima baig and Asma abbas. The movie definitely tops the charts with its amazing songs. Favorites being ‘Chan ve’ and the non-item ‘item number’.
The movie had a seperate background music for teefa and other action sequences that added to the overall entertainment of the film.

4) Comedy and Overall Plot

Comedy of the movie is hilarious and highly relatable and Ali Zafar/Faisal qureshi combo surely did justice to the comedy aspect. The plot of the rom com is engaging though it gets a little too dragged and over climactic it manages to keep its audiences engaged and in laughter fits.

Over all rating : 3.5/10
Should definitely give it a watch