The Aesthetic Guru Ghazanfar Rauf Reveals The Truth of Beauty Industry!

How do you choose a clinic? 

Who is a good doctor? Which device is good? Who is well trained on a particular device? Which procedures actually work well? Is there a down time? Will anybody notice if I have done something? 

Will I get white by glutathione injections? 

Very few doctors will say ‘you don’t need it’… and those are the ones who are honest to their profession. 

Celebrities, bloggers, influencers will say ‘I got this done from X clinic and my skin is glowing’. Hmm, Wasn’t their skin already glowing when they came in to the clinic? 

PR companies who promote a certain clinic do not know whether that clinic is legit. It is a situation where a lawyer finds out after various hearings that the client has been dishonest to him. 

So what to do? 

What can a common man or woman do in such a situation? Whom to trust? Since there is no accountability, an anaesthesiologist is performing Aesthetic procedures, and a pharmacist calls herself a doctor and has a bigger following then the best dermatologist of the country. 

A clinic with 26 branches became the biggest aesthetic clinic chain in the country which massively advertised, paid celebrities and morning show hosts who said ‘Wow, I see such great results’. I feel sorry for people who lost their hard earned money and saw no results. Yet, they cannot do anything about it. 

What is your role in the aesthetic industry? 

This will go on unless patients get awareness and start asking questions and notice quality of devices and products. My role is to spread awareness due to my 15 years in the industry as a vendor selling products & devices to dermatologists and plastic surgeons. 

Patients must report their treatments which have gone wrong just as one would write a bad food review about a restaurant without fearing the clinic. 

What to watch out while following a popular Instagram clinic account? 

Every new clinic will use social media, influencers, bloggers and celebrities. What does one do when everybody says the clinic/doctor is good while in reality they are not. The important thing is there are no accurate before & after photos taken. Ask the clinics for before/after photos of their own patients and do not settle for ‘The patients do not let us take pictures’ I have personally seen amazing results by just changing the lighting. This was showcased in one of the clinical photography sessions that I took organised by a leading aesthetic device manufacturer in US. 

How do you judge the results? 

The person who got the treatment done will not notice results because the change is so subtle that only a before photo posted side by side with the after procedure photo 3 months post treatment will show what happened or your friend or relative who meets you after months. A person looking at him or herself in the mirror everyday CANNOT see results. 

Which devices are good and actually work? 

What about the chinese devices?China makes good quality and bad quality, unfortunately only bad quality reaches clinics in Pakistan due to the lowest price paid for those devices. Some top clinics use chinese devices, it even has their name on the devices which shows the device manufacturer has no credibility and is willing to call it by any name. 

So when a doctor says he is happy with his chinese device, it is because either he has not compared results with a US/European device or simply would not admit it. 

How to detect a good device from a bad one? 

Buying a device is like buying a car. One can buy a Suzuki or a Mercedes. Why pay for a Mercedes when a Suzuki just works fine. So why do people buy a Mercedes or a BMW? It is the experience based on quality, safety, comfort, options, accessories, resale value, prestige and performance which is different and hence the difference in price. 

I truly believe in ‘You get what you pay for’. A holiday Inn express experience is no comparison to a Rixos. Similarly, there is a reason why Apple is the biggest company in the world, with the most expensive product on the market. Here, it is your face which will be treated by a Suzuki most probably and you will be charged a Mercedes price. It is so frustrating to see this happen every day to someone who is too late to reach the genuine doctor after being scammed of their hard earned money. 

Any tips/suggestions? 

To find out about a procedure, go to which is the biggest review site visited by 6 million people a month. It has reviews on every popular treatment from fillers/botox to threads, chemical peels, tummy tucks, LASIK and liposuction. For any questions, feel free to write to me at or follow my Instagram, twitter, and facebook pages. 

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