Areeba is resilient and hardworking; she has been persistent in her work and look where she is now. Be it a magazine cover, commercial shoot or still photography, she is the first choice with everyone.

Completely taken by sensual vibe and captivating aura!

Areeba Habib may be twenty something, but she speaks with the confidence of a veteran in the modelling industry.
A new face in the Pakistani modelling industry, it appears she may also have the thick skin this sphere requires,
as well as the mind to adapt to its incredibly steep learning curve.

She adds that a model has to undergo a constant learning process in the initial phase of her modelling career, and for weathering through that one needs to stand ones ground. Areeba also believes that the perception of the modelling industry is taking a step in the right direction and draws hope from this development. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors in Fashion and Business from the Asian Institute of Fashion Design.

Given that the essential bare-bones role of a model is to be a clothes hanger and a showcase for fashion accessories, it is truly remarkable that Areeba has managed to shine in whatever props that have been given her.

With her chameleon-like-ability to change her looks and camera-melting sex appeal, Areeba has risen up so fast in Pakistani fashion industry! The fact that she’s a model hasn’t gotten to her head. Her face and figure is fabulous and she knows exactly what she wants and delivers it.