The gorgeous Sara Zahid currently studying in LUMS, is a 21 year old Youth idol. She operates her own fashion blog called “the_Sara_Series” and is known for -pulling off stunning dresses from a variety of famous designers and brands. Here is an exclusive interview with the style icon.

You have become an inspiration for the youth but what has been your inspiration?

Thank you so much, as cliche as it sounds, my mom has been my biggest inspiration. I see her as a better version of myself and I strive to be as headstrong, dedicated and positive as she has been throughout her life. She is the center of everything I believe in or aspire to be in my life.

You are currently a student at LUMS as well. How do you manage that and your social life? 

Haha, yes it sounds like quite the challenge but I don’t find it a very daunting task, I have been known to procrastinate and study at the last moment but still scrapping a pretty decent grade every time. However, managing a good CGPA and an assiduous social life means only one thing, NO SLEEP!

What inspired you to start your own blog and how has your journey been so far?

My current Instagram followers actually inspired me to start my own blog. I used to post about my everyday life but surprisingly, I started getting requests for product reviews that I have previously used or product promotions for brands. It’s been an amazing experience so far, and I truly love what I do. The kind of love and support I’ve received through my blog has been surreal. Running a blog for me has been empowering because I get my own personal space to express myself without any justifications or validations.

What do you like and hate about being a blogger?

There are a number of things which makes blogging worthwhile for me. It’s a platform where I can showcase my views on any brand/service without any constraints of time and place. What flatters me the most is how my loyal followers bash my haters, and last but not the least of course all the social events I get to attend is just wonderful, I love to meet new and fun people from the media industry and elsewhere. What I hate? I detest the shout out requests, the cheesy boys spamming my pictures and the worst, how people feel that they have the right to comment on my personal life as if being a blogger makes me some sort of public property.

Do you follow all fashion trends or you believe in having your own style statement?

I feel that one should only follow those fashion trends that they can comfortably pull-off and the ones that look flattering on them rather than blindly following weird and eccentric new trends and ending up looking like a compete fashion disaster. One shouldn’t follow a trend for the sake of it that’s why I feel I have my own style statement since I only wear what I feel will flatter me the most.

What do you think is unique about you as opposed to other bloggers out there?

I think I keep it real, I don’t believe in fake paid promotions or raving about something just something it is sent to me. Yet I know where to draw the line between being rude and being real. I try my best not sound too harsh even if I dislike a brand or a product but certainly aim to get the message across. Not just that, but my blog is marginally focused around my life as a LUMS student as well, that would probably make my blog relatable to girls of my age.

You are doing almost everything young girls and women want to do these days. Is there anything you still look forward to do in life or are passionate about?

Oh yes! There’s a lot more that I am passionate about, this is just the beginning. I know I aim big but if there is a will there is a way. I’ve always wanted to leave the world a more equal, relatively peaceful and reasonably tolerant place and I look forward to do whatever I can to achieve this goal. The human rights activist, Asma Jehangir is my ultimate idol for pursuing this passion that I have.

Did you ever think of acquiring this as a profession?

I haven’t really thought about it yet since I’ve always considered my blog as a fun hobby that keeps me sane and I’m super dedicated towards making it grow bigger and better, However my professional plans are steered towards a different path. But I’m not ruling this out completely.

Some inspirational words you want to share with girls who are interested in starting something new, perhaps a blog?

Yes, two words. Just start. You have to start somewhere, and I know it might feel stupid or cringe-worthy at first with all the attention you’ll receive but trust me, after a while you will know that it’s worth it and soon it will feel like the most normal thing to do. The first step is always the hardest but everything fits into place after that. Just don’t hesitate in taking the first step towards what you believe in because then you’ll always wonder “what if?” Simply do it and do it now.

Favorite trend this season? 

It has got to be velvet, it’s super versatile and can be used in both eastern and western clothing. It just has the most amazing, luxury feel to it. A close second is the block heel trend. It fulfills my craze for heels and doesn’t have the downside heels usually have for being hopelessly uncomfortable.

Your style Icons?

The cute Blake lively from Gossip girl and the bold and unconventional Kangana Ranaut.