Colour in all its contrasting and co coordinating glory is what Nomi’s label is about.

Nomi just knows the right treatment as she comes with an experience of blending the eastern designs into new contemporary designs.

A cohesive palette , with a perfection of well-constructed silhouettes as his canvas.

Nomi has been working in the fashion industry for over a decade now. His clothes are far from orthodox, but their vibrancy belies a hint of tradition.

A master of colours, the designer’s work echoes the youthful charm that Nomi himself embodies and his innovation shows the amount of thought that goes into a particular piece. His work mostly features an array of vivid and unique colour combinations.

Unlike many designers who entered the fashion industry by focusing on bridal wear, Nomi seems to have a preference for prêt.

Nevertheless, Nomi remains a favourite with the brides when it comes to their trousseau. Being one of the top couturiers of Pakistan, Nomi knows his game inside out and hence, his opinion about the craft holds significant value. Unfortunately, it appears that the designer feels the same can’t be said for others:

Nomi has definitely grown by leaps and bounds. In his early days, he was even unsure about how to register his company. He has launched a men’s line and has participated in the Fashion shows around the world. Now, apart from a continuing lawn collection and planning a men’s formal line, Nomi has opened two stores — one in Lahore and one in Karachi.

Nomi Ansari emerged on the scene in 2001 and in under a decade, the Nomi Ansari brand has become one of the most sought-after labels in Pakistan From the moment he arrived, Nomi Ansari caught the public’s attention with his ultra-vibrant palette. His clothes were fun and funky, and at the same time had a distinctly ethnic touch that appealed to tastes from across the spectrum. It is an appeal that he has consistently maintained. Today, his highly inventive colour combinations and detailed craftsmanship with intricate embellishments have become his signature style.

Nomi’s strong inspiration from the rich eastern colour palette clearly reflects in her latest work. All bridal dresses carry delicate embellishments on it that is sensibly emblazoned in an eye-catching way. Bridal dress is taken as a serious matter as it serves an important part of women’s life. This is clearly registered in the first look and also states his brand’s broad vision. Nomi just knows the right treatment as she comes with an experience of blending the eastern designs into new contemporary designs.

Nomi Ansari is a leading fashion design house that has expanded its reach in.The design house offers an elite mixture of casual fashions to the chic runway designs with unique color combinations in women’s fashions.