Yes, this is real and not reel! Preciously, we have seen such things happening in Indian films but this happened in real life this time. A man from India leaves everybody in shock by getting his wife married to her lover.

According to Indian media , Atam Mandal and Sapna, who belong to Bhagalpur in Bihar, India. They got married in 2014 and have two children. Shortly after the marriage, Sapna fell in love with her husband’s younger relative Raju Kumar and the two decided to run away.

However, when Sapna’s husband came to know about this they fought a lot. Atam got depressed first but then he had to find the solution to this problem. Therefore he decided that there is only one solution and that is to get them married.

For many years Atam and Sapna’s family kept forcing Sapna not to ruin their house and stay with Atam but Atam’s efforts were not in vain and finally Atam persuaded the family to attend the wedding of his beloved.