Qandeel dedicated years of her life in the makeup industry and she established a well-known salon line with signature style, focusing on luster, shine and vibrancy.

Qandeel has always liked experiencing and learning new things. Therefore, she got engaged with the idea of makeup.

Not knowing that her love for learning would lead to her to the makeup industry by creating a salon line.

Qandeel has a great sense of style and never fails to pull off any look. While looking as amazing as she does, she gives the viewers some serious makeup goals.

Tell us about your work? How long have you been working in this profession?

I have been a professional makeup artist for 8 years and love what I do every single day. I started working with my mother at shades beauty salon Gujranwala.

She is in this profession since 1995 almost 22 years now. She inspired me to open my own branch of Shades Beauty Salon in Faisalabad 5 years back.

Were you always inclined towards this profession or did you aspire to do something different growing up?

It was one of those things that were sort of always in the back of my mind. I have been a makeup lover since I was a little girl. I used to hang out in my mom’s salon watching her doing makeup and I loved it. It looked like a magical world to me where I could transform my ideas into colours. I never took my mind off of being a makeup artist. My focus has been a constant for most of my life. This is what I was born to do.

Tell us about your experience so far in the fashion/makeup world?

It makes me so happy to see my clients feeling beautiful and pretty after the service! It gets me a little choked up most of the time! The experience has been amazing. I have learned so much and still have a long way to go but I am happy that I’ve come so far from where I started. It’s a challenging industry and the healthy competition has helped me rediscover myself and my abilities and I’ve evolved as a person.

What was your biggest break?

Still waiting for my biggest break…. Makeup is capable of wonders I believe.

What kind of academic background and training equips you use for this work?

No academic background is required as long as you have the passion and skills required to make someone look better than they really are its the raw ability that counts and your zeal that makes you stand tall among the crowd there is no substitute for practical work even if youget degrees from the best institutions in the world because in the end a book is just a book and it cannot substitute your hands but its good if you want to match your academic with your profession.

What make up trends are heading our way in 2017 to 2018?

A lot is heading our way in 2017-2018. Classic smoky black eye updated with a halo of colour like red, green or electric blue over the centre of lids to pop the eyes or a soft take on the smoked-out eye in Brown, greys, and a touch of cream shimmer haze to form a sultry-but-subtle eye look.

Trends are going back to more colours on lips for brides so I love seeing the reds, pinks, berry shades coming back. You will see very soft contours with peach cheeks; there is no harsher contouring in 2017-2018 trends list. Foil colours or Metallic glitter pigments teamed up with thick mascara, you will see this season.

Barely-there makeup teaming up with a tint of colour on lip will be loved.

What would be your message for young aspiring makeup artists?

Blending is the most important thing you can do when it comes to eyes and face too. One should be perfect in their blending techniques.

Beauty industry is too wide; everyone is always doing something new and exciting. Stay on top with current trends and latest makeup products as it’s great for inspiration and will help to push you outside your cosmetic comfort zone.

It is important to know your clients makeup demand and what looks good with which skin undertones and eyes. The more you know your colour scale, the more creative and confident you’ll be.

A positive and professional attitude is very important in this field. Check your ego at the door and have fun with the work you are doing.

What are your views on the fashion industry?

There has been a lot happening in terms of master classes and blogging. Do you think this is making a difference in any way?

Fashion Industry in Pakistan is growing rapidly as there is a thrust of new up comers and they are really show casing their skills and taking the industry to unprecedented height.

Blogging has made this niche industry much more inclusive. It has widened the market place for the beauty and fashion space. We are in an era where people want to share their work with the world so there will be a growing need for more ideas. It also caters to people who are not affording as they can learn on the internet and then apply their new skills practically.

As far as master classes are concerned they are also very helpful as you get a chance to learn from the best makeup artists around the globe.