It is concluded that the story of Jalan was one of the most talked topics. The cast consists of Minal Khan who is playing a negative role in it, Emmad Irfani, Areeba Habib and Fahad Shaikh. Sadly, there was nothing intriguing about the narrative. It caught more attention after PEMRA banned the project, calling the content ‘inappropriate’. This was because a young woman, Nisha (played by Minal Khan) marries her sister’s husband and the drama disrespected the former relationship between the two.

Now after the last episode people are questioning the purpose of the drama.

Nisha basically ruined many lives for her selfish motives and eventually he also lost everything. Areej, the woman who unconditionally loved Ahmar, Nisha’s ex-fiance, suffered a lot until she finally won him over.

In the end, Nisha meets a car accident in which she is badly burnt. This pretty much tells us that What goes around Comes around. Also this marks the end of Nisha. In addition to this Asfi, Emmad Irfani dies in the end and the Ahmar and Areej live a happily married life.

Audiences loved the budding romance between Ahmar and Areej, brilliantly played by Hajra Yamin in the concluding episodes.