Koko korina originally was sung Ahmed Rushdi and is a Nations favorite. Every single Pakistani whether a 60 year old or 16 year old. A businessman or a housewife everyone knows and loves this original classic which was probably why a disastrous remake of this song wasnt something people would’ve taken lightly . The remake of this song done by coke studio recently was sung by Momima Mustehsan and Ahad Raza Mir took the entire nation by storm. It has reached the highest disliked coke studio song status in the history of Coke studio upto 200k dislikes almost and even BBC has covered the reaction of general public of Pakistan regarding the song itself.

Here are the hilarious memes that are being shared every minute by people. These are just a few out of the hundreds circulating on the internet right now

Some memes have involved politics in the entire craze,

And no one is being spared!

Celebrities and political figures have also stepped into the viral trend with their own point of views. Some are encouraging the singers and are against their overall bashing while others think it is completely justified.

Here is what Alizeh Gabol had to say about it,

Political figures like Shireen Mazari and Sheerin rehman have expressed their distaste over the song as well. Check out their comments.

Shireen Mazari and Momona got into a fully heated debate on twitter on twitter regarding freedome of expression and opinion.

Sheerin Rehman took the stance that freedom of expression over choice of music should be allowed and cant be curbed in anyway.

but Sajal Ali and HSY took the other approach saying the song isn’t too bad and this demotivating and ridiculing wave going on the net has to stop.

Not only the celebrities but commercial businesses didn’t hesitate in taking a part in this on going viral trend and came up with hilarious marketing campaigns around this viral issue.

You must be wondering what Ahad and Momina reacted to all this viral tornado engulfing their new song. Here is Ahad raza mirs tweet regarding hos song and public’s reaction

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