Maham Amjad started her career at a very young age, she in her decade long journey of working has succeeded in any career path she took. From Pakistan to Dubai, she is known for her hard work and work ethics.  She is not only an example of a hard working person but has become a symbol of women empowerment in Pakistan. Ms. Amjad’s fan following has volumes to say about the many times she was there to pick the women of her country up who were struggling to cope up with life. She not only helped them through tough times but gave courage to all men and women to speak up for their rights. She resides in the United Arab of Emirates and works in the Real Estate Market of Dubai. Her journey from the Pakistan Fashion Industry to Real Estate of Dubai is truly inspiring. 

You single handedly have broken many norms of the society in Pakistan, how hard was it to deal with society in those times? 

Doing the right thing in life is never easy. It takes strength, courage and a lot of dedication but at the end of the day, when you do what feels right in your gut, it makes you a great person. I have never aspired to walk the easy path in life, I believe in making my own. 

You’re an inspiration for many people for speaking up for the less fortunate, how important do you think that is in our society? 

Very important. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we are in this together. Karma is a beautiful thing if you want it to be, whatever good or bad thing you throw in this world, comes back to you. So why not have only good things come to you? 

From fashion to Real estate. Two very different career paths, What made you change your mind?

I might have stepped into the Real estate market but I never left the fashion industry. In the past two years I’ve hosted 4 fashion weeks in Pakistan, hosted the PSL, went to Baku Azerbaijan  and represented Pakistan in the same capacity. I was always fascinated by Real Estate and there is no better market than Dubai for it. I believe in growing and for me learning new skills is growth.

Do you plan on moving back to Pakistan some day?

I don’t plan such things. I am here in Dubai with the will of God and when his will be for me to be somewhere else, I’ll move. Personally I love Dubai, it’s a great place for a single working woman to be living. I wish to see a day when Pakistan will be the first choice of place to be living in for all the Pakistani Expats. 

What impact did the year 2020 have on you? 

I am still unable to describe what a journey this year was. 2020 started from being the worst year of my life to ending up being the best year for me. I saw my lowest point in 2020 but with the will of God I was able to turn it around for myself. This one year has taught me more than I have ever learned in the past decade of my life. I’m a truly grateful for this year. 

What was the best thing that happened to you in 2020?

The best thing that happened to me in 2020 was that I found myself. You go on with life without truly understanding yourself, without truly understanding your own emotions. This year taught me how important it is to be honest with yourself before anyone else, to understand your own self before understanding anyone else. 

Anything you’d like to say to our viewers?

Respect Women, the women of your country are your power, when you try to take their power away and try to oppress them you’re only stopping your own country’s growth. God has planned a life of abundance for all, the only person stopping that abundance is us. We are in this together! 

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